viernes, 2 de marzo de 2018

Estefanía Coral: #AlumniofTheMonth of the Master’s degree in Arts and Cultural Management, UIC Barcelona

“The master’s degree gave me tools, techniques and other perspective on culture. Thanks to this master I learnt that cultural projects can be what we dream and feasible at the same time.”

Why did you decide to do the Master’s degree in Arts and Culture Management at UIC Barcelona?
I decided to do the Master’s degree in Arts and Cultural Management at UIC Barcelona because I needed to give an order and structure to the knowledge I had acquired  during my undergraduate studies and my work life.  Furthermore, during the process I confirmed that if you have the will, you can build a project from start to finish.

What is your current occupation?  
Currently, I am the Project Manager in Food in Action Company Group, company with the aim to create sustainable gastronomic concepts, events, brands or businesses, promoting thus local, organic and fair consumption.
One of the projects that we are developing at the moment is the EatUp gastronomic tour. This concept aims to promote not only restaurants, food stores and markets but also creative initiatives such as workshops and craft boutiques. In order to be chosen as one of the attractions, these spaces must stand out from the rest by contributing  in some way to the sustainable development of the region. On 27 January, there will be the premier en Östersund, Sweden. Afterwards, we will visit other cities  of Escandinavia, and then go to Bogotá – Colombia.

You did your internship in the Bulli Lab, ¿Can you describe your experience there?
During my internship I had the opportunity to develop different activities related to cultural management and research. During three months I had the mission to collect and analyse as much information as possible related to marketing and communication in the gastronomic industry. In this way, I was able to learn and have access to very valuable bibliography. Furthermore was a great experience working for Ferran Andrià, one of the best chefs in history.

Which knowledge do you think you acquired in the Master’s degree that has influenced who you are today as a person and as a professional?
The master’s degree provided me tools, techniques and other perspective on culture. Thanks to this master’s degree I learnt that cultural projects can be what we dreamed and feasible at the same time.
On the other hand, the master’s internship I did in
IGCAT was full of good moments and a full learning experience. For almost six months I had the opportunity to see the culture and gastronomy from a more global and academic perspective. The Executive Director, Dr. Diane Dodd, who is also lecturer of the master’s degree, motivated me to keep working on the image population has about food and culture. Gastronomy goes far beyond restaurants, stars and punctuations. Gastronomy forms part of each of us, it’s sustainability  ecology, environment, culture, heritage, tradition, heritage, academy, science and research. IGCAT works to give Gastronomy the deserved recognition.

Do you remember of any favourite teacher?
I learnt a lot from Joaquina Bobes and the different teachers of Cultural Communication and social network management, as well as Jordi Auladell from the subject creation of cultural companies.  

Are you still in contact with other alumni from UIC Barcelona?
The distance, time differences and working life makes contact quite difficult. However, I remember and follow the activities of my colleagues. It’s nice to see how they have developed their cultural projects and that everybody grew up in the same classroom.

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