viernes, 2 de marzo de 2018

Daniel Alejandro Gómez, winner student of Fundación Carolina scholarship

We introduce you to Daniel Alejandro Gómez Marín, student of the University Master’s degree in Arts and Culture Management, UIC Barcelona and winner of Fundación Carolina scholarship

Why did you apply to Fundación Carolina?
The application to the scholarship meant to me the next step in my professional career. I was feeling that that my working experience lacked a more academic approach that would allow me to reflect on the role of culture in my country and in other latitudes. Also, it would allow me to acquire new knowledge on uncovered areas in my previous education as a communicator. This is the reason why I decided to apply to the scholarship, thinking in the master not only as a learning opportunity  but also as a life experience for all those who choose to specialize in the cultural field.    

How do you consider it was the experience of scholarship application of this scholarship?
The application process through Fundación Carolina website was pretty simple, as well as the the admission test and interview to enrol in the Master’s degree. As many of my colleagues, I applied without too much expectation since we are aware of the enormous recognition of Fundación Carolina in Iberoamerica and the amount of candidates who submit to the open call every year. However, when I received the email informing me that I have been selected, I felt an enormous happiness. It was the beginning of a life project I have been working on since many years ago.
Once the project became real It has not been simple to do all the preparations to leave the country and my family. Nevertheless, up today I still think it was worth to overcome each of those obstacles in order to be here.

What are your learnings in the Máster up today?
The master’s degree has taught us to approach culture from a less passional and more realistic perspective. It does not mean I have lost the passion for what I do but thanks to what I have learnt in the master’s degree I have new tools. Now I can analyse from a professional perspective many of the cultural initiatives of Barcelona’s daily life. Even though I still enjoy many of these initiatives from the audience perspective, now I ask myself many questions related to the implementation of these events, their financing forms and management models. These learnings have transformed me in a more active and curious spectator.  

What is your opinion of the first term?
The first term has proven to be able to live up to expectations thanks to two great players: on one side, the lecturers - with a great experience in the field- provided us with very valuable theoretical and practical contents combined with argumentation, planification and teamwork. On the other hand, the contributions and exchange with my Master’s classmates have been also very valuable. All of them come from very diverse contexts and with very diverse but enriching visions on culture. Thus, the first term has been a constant learning experience challenging you to think in new ideas, markets and entrepreneurships. An experience from which I expect that the best is about to come.

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