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Janja Raznatovic, former student of the University Master´s degree in Arts and Cultural Management 2014-2015, UIC Barcelona

Janja Raznatovic is a former student from Montenegro who did the University Master´s degree in Arts and Cultural Management 2014-2015. Janja did her professional internship in the Montenegrin National Theatre where she currently works as an executive producer. Let´s get to know a bit more about her and her experience in the organization and management of important theatre performances.

Why did you decide to do the Master’s degree in Arts and Culture Management at UIC Barcelona?
Culture and Arts were always areas of my interest, so the decision what to do after bachelor studies was easy for me. Master’s degree in Arts and Cultural Management at UIC Barcelona offers both theoretical and practical knowledge, and the fact that the lectures are held in English was another motivator. UIC University is located in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, with great art and cultural history and creative young people.
How did you get your current job position in the Montenegrin National Theatre?
After I finished university I came back to Montenegro. I still needed to do my internship for the master’s degree and I applied to the Montenegrin National Theatre. Since then and for two and a half years I’ve been working in Montenegrin National Theatre as an executive producer.  It is wonderful to work with creative people, in theatre those are not only performance directors and actors, but also costume designers, scenographers, musicians and many others which makes my job even more interesting.

What knowledge and abilities do you consider you have acquired in the Master’s degree and that they have influenced you personally and professionally?
The program was quite varied, but the key of most of it was the good analytical preparation and planning. And that is something I adopted not only in the professional but also in the personal life. The environment in which I work every day brings new challenges and a good organization with good and dedicated associates is a prerequisite for doing the job in the right way.
Who was your favorite teacher?
Many professors have remained in a nice memory, with interesting lectures and exchanges of thoughts, but my favorite teacher is Mohammed Elrazzaz, person who knows how to transfer knowledge and rich experience.

Are you still in contact with other alumni from UIC Barcelona?
I met wonderful people during the studies and made some good friends. Since I am working a lot I didn’t have the opportunity to meet with them after we finished university, but I am always following their work and projects they share online. I hope we will have an opportunity to meet again some time in Barcelona.

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