jueves, 4 de junio de 2020

"My dream is to be a museum curator, and I will use all the knowledge I got from this master" Klaudia Chzhu

What did you do before the master?

I was finishing my bachelor’s degree in History at Moscow State University: passing exams, defending my bachelor paper and applying for this master at the same time.

Why did you decide to do the master?

As my background is more theoretical, I decided to get practical and managerial skills to work in the cultural field. I was also dreaming to study abroad and get international experience. So, I chose the right moment and moved to Barcelona.

What do you want to do after completing the Master in Cultural Management?

My dream is to be a museum curator, and I will use all the knowledge I got from this master.

How would you define your life experience in Barcelona?

Well, it was super cool living in Barcelona – visiting museums, going to the beach, traveling – before March 2020. In quarantine period, we cannot do many things but being here and witnessing current situation is my new experience. 

What did you like the most about the master?

Relevance of the acquired knowledge. Everything we learn from this master is about present days. Also, it is a network, we keep in touch with many professors and invited guests.

Where did you do your internship? 

My internship was at Casa Asia – Asian cultural center in Barcelona. 

What were your duties in your internship? 

My main duty was to prepare material (research) for Asian Film Festival 2020 (AFFBCN) which usually is held in October every year in Barcelona. I searched Asian cinematography of 2018-2020, prepared a document with all details about films including distribution channels.

What elements of those learned in the master are applied during your internship?

For the internship at Casa Asia, I applied knowledge from the Cultural Marketing subject with prof. Christoph Pasour and from Leadership subject with Ngaire Balnkenberg.

What has been your favorite class?

All subjects of this master are great. But my favorite classes were Cultural Communication with teacher Ines Martínez and Society and Culture in the 21st century with teacher Wendy Ramírez. 

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